Apart from our owned vehicles we have tie-ups with 50 odd vehicles on a contract basis. As we believe in long term relationship with customers the same perception is being reflected in our business associations and partners as well. We have maintained a cordial relationship with these hired vehicle owners which has given us an edge over our competitors.

  • A good range of hired vehicles.
  • Long term relationship.
  • Reliable.
  • Seems these are our own vehicles.

Our Best Features

why choose us

The company is making efforts to maintain the service standard as well as upgradation in terms of equipment, networking and other related things.

safety of goods

Delivery through containerized vehicles for safety of goods.

quality service affordable price

We are having a fleet of 25 own containerized vehicles, in addition to 50 attached vehicles on yearly contract

Good range of Vehicle

To deliver efficiently and effectively, we have a range a vehicle like Appae, Pickup, 407, 709, 909 to big vehicles

Security First

Every vehicle provided with safety parameters like “First Aid Kits”, “Fire Extinguisher” etc.


To make your life as easy as possible, we offer tracking (offline) option for your consignment